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  • Very intelligent doctor. He gave me all my options up front, gave me his recommendation. And did a fantastic job for surgery. Highly recommend him to anybody looking for a good surgeon. Very satisfied with the out come.
    Devin Faber
  • Dr Baucom was great! Just had a wrist surgery. He listened to my desires for surgery and rehab, and gave me his best and most honest opinions. So far so good with the surgery!
    Spencer Christensen
  • Dr. Baucom assessed my situation and was very thorough in his evaluation and plan for my surgery. It was reassuring to hear the details of what the surgery entailed, and what the recovery process would be like. He is forthcoming and honest, and my wife and I are grateful that he was the one to take care of me.
    Micheal Hunter
  • Dr. Baucom helped me remove a share of glass out of my finger. He did an amazing job. He got me in the same day. My finger is almost all healed up with no issues. He was the best to work with and he made me feel super comfortable the whole time.
    Kyle Spainhower
  • Very pleasant experience. The Dr was very friendly and informative. He explained the procedure and was helpful, giving me confidence in him.
    Rick Turner
  • Dr. Baucom was friendly, polite, and explained everything very well. We had some insurance concerns and he went out of his way to make sure my questions and concerns were resolved. Excellent experience.
    Aaron Frodsham
  • Dr Baucom got me in quickly and was able to schedule surgery for the following week. He did an excellent job and I’m very pleased with the results. He’s very thorough and has a great bedside manner.
    Stephanie Kearns
  • Dr. Baucom was knowledgeable, informative and friendly. He listened to my concerns and provided several treatment options.
    Trae Stokes
  • Dr. Baucom is very thorough in his explanation of my condition and did not pressure me to do surgery. I chose to have surgery and he did a great job. My recovery went well. He is also very friendly and treats you like a friend.
  • Dr Baucom was knowledgeable of what was ailing me. He was able diagnose then perform a simple procedure to solve the problem. He was friendly and personable and made me laugh during the procedure several times. his staff was also very friendly and personable.
    B Nielsen
  • My family would highly recommend Dr. Gowski. Every time any of us has hand or elbow issues we have gone to him. Everyone who works with him is friendly and is willing to listen to our concerns without rushing us. Dr. Gowski is a caring and knowledgeable doctor, and we have had great outcomes with the procedures we have needed that he has performed such as: Tommy John surgery, trigger finger, and carpel tunnel surgery.
    Bryan F
  • After visiting several hand specialists for various surgeries related to a table saw incident I decided that I needed the best care possible. Ultimately, I chose Dr. Gowski and wish I would have known about him earlier. He is passionate about his work and goes the extra mile to make sure his clients receive appropriate care.
    Daniel B
  • It is always a pleasure for the doctor to see you at your appointment time. The staff was pleasant and friendly. The facility was clean and organized. Dr Gowski has great bedside manner, was very informative and efficient, and showed interest and care. I highly recommend Dr Gowski.
    Bob K
  • My experience with Doctor Gowski was great! He fixed my trigger finger problem in no time with very little pain. It was pretty fast to get in to see him and the surgery itself was done in minutes. The staff was all very friendly and knowledgeable as was Dr. Gowski. Would highly recommend him!
    Erik P
  • Best experience ever! I came in for a minimally invasive Carpal Tunnel sugery and was in and out in under an hour. The procedure itself only took about 5 minutes (at most) and I was able to drive myself home. The staff in this office are absolutely amazing, I felt comfortable and well cared for the entire time I was there and Dr. Gowski was very personable, straight forward, and honest. I will definitely be recommending him to any of my close family and friends who need a hand specialist!
  • I was very impressed with Dr. Gowski and his team how they took the time to listen to me and my needs and when the surgery came to prep the surgery and the post surgery went so smoothly plus they followed up the next day to make sure everything was fine. Very good experience I will definitely share my experience with others that are looking for this kind of help.
    Gary Z
  • Had minor surgery and everything went without a hitch. Everyone I came in contact with was very personable and set me at ease. Both visits were very timely to the point I was out of there almost before the time of my appointment. I would definitely use Dr. Gowski and his team for any needs in the future.
    Dori B
  • Dr. Gowski is great. I've seen him for two different surgeries and had excellent experiences with both. His outpatient carpal tunnel surgery is fast and my insurance covered everything but the copay. I had both hands fixed for a total of $40 and about 2 hours of my total time.
    Erik G
  • This was my third trigger finger surgery. I was able to share my concerns and he listened. He was able to avoid issues I had previously. He did a fantastic job! He was very knowledgeable and skilled. I'm glad I chose him to do this surgery. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.
    Jackie P
  • Dr Gowski was amazing with my carpel tunnel surgery yesterday. very informative, told me exactly what he was doing and what to expect. Surgery went quick with minimal pain. Follow up has also been wonderful. Thank you and your staff
    Mark R
  • Dr. Gowski performed a Left Carpal Tunnel Release surgery on me. The appointment was quick, easy & almost painless (Numbing medication provided via injection caused very minimal pain for me). His staff are Beautiful & Warm. Everything is explained in great detail & I even had the ability to watch the procedure (I know that's not for everyone but I enjoyed it). Highly recommend visiting his practice!
    Nelle V
  • I had a great experience from my initial exam to my actual surgery. Dr. G and his staff were really friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They prepared me in the best way for my surgery by explaining what would happen before, during, and after.
    London Boyland
  • Dr. Gowski and his staff were great to work with. After suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome for 8 years I finally had the surgery. Dr. Gowski was so knowledgeable and efficient. I had instant relief the first night and was back to work three days later. I am so glad I did the surgery.
    Chandler Smith
  • Dr. Gowski is fantastic! I broke my hand skiing. He and his team managed to get me in quickly and repair the hand with surgery. I found him extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Gowski to anyone. Thank you!
    E M
  • Dr. Gowski is an excellent hand guy. He took care of my daughter when she broke her wrist years ago and now just fixed a nerve issue in my elbow. He and his team are great to work with. I can highly recommend them.
    Michael Stark
  • Excellent experience with Dr. Gowski and his staff; Zach, Preston and Kenzie. They were professional, kind and did a wonderful job explaining the details and recovery for surgery on my wrist. I would highly recommend them!
    DL Norton
  • Great surgeon. Love the fact that the he can provide surgical service's in the office. Wonderful staff. Several of my family members see Dr. Gowski.
    Pat Swenson
  • Amazing doc! Amazing staff!!! Everything went fantastic!!! I'm so glad I chose him!
    Candice Prior
  • Dr. Gowski and his staff are professional, thoughtful and great to work with. I highly recommend them.
    Roanne Mayer
  • Dr. Gowski stands out as a kind, caring, competent, and compassionate medical provider. This is especially so during the Covid-19 Pandemic. My experience with him, his staff, and TOSH was extremely positive and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them
    Bob Shimmon
  • I am very pleased with the experience I had with Dr Gowski! I had a bi-lateral carpal tunnel procedure done in office, it was quick and painless and I could tell he knows his stuff. His staff is friendly and helpful and put my mind at ease prior to the procedure. I would not trust my hands to anyone other than Gowski and his team!
    Roland Thompson
  • Fantastic doctor! He diagnosed my torn ACL very quickly, and provided excellent care. My ACL was surgically repaired and my recovery started very quickly. I appreciate his integrity when meeting with me and the attention he pays to detail. Thanks for helping me get on my way back to skiing!
    Emily Stewart
  • Can't get better than Dr. Vernon Cooley and his exceptional crew. Takes the time, listens well, works hard to understand what's happening and find the route toward best outcome. Highly recommended.
    Greg Whisenant
  • Just had my meniscus cleaned up and feeling great!
    William P
  • I wouldn't choose any other place to have an ACL surgery!! Very professional, and amazing to work with.
    Berrett Brady
  • I have gone to Dr Cooley for almost 20yrs. I have had numerous surgeries, almost every 2 yrs. He has always treated me as an equal. I have never had so much confidence going to any one doctor as I do when I go to him. I know all the staff by a first name basis, they treat you like family. I would highly recommend this office to anyone, as a matter of fact I have numerous times! I found him 19 years ago after getting 3 other opinions and have never needed other opinions after. I trust him and so should you!
    Paul Avner
  • I can't say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Cooley, his assistant Steve, and the entire staff at their clinic at Intermountain. I was originally mis diagnosed by a doctor at Redstone, and when my knee blew up and I could barely walk to started calling knee doctors. Dr. Cooley was able to identify several problems that others missed and scheduled me for surgery. Dr. Cooley spent the time to explain everything to me so I felt comfortable about the whole process. He has an awesome bedside manner. My surgery was in October and December I was hitting the slopes!! If you need surgery, you are in great hands with Dr. Cooley!
    Nadia Axakowsky
  • Can't get better than Dr. Vernon Cooley and his exceptional crew. Takes the time, listens well, works hard to understand what's happening and find the route toward best outcome. Highly recommended.
    Greg Whisenant
  • Go straight to Dr Cooley! I had another surgeon perform knee surgery a year prior and within 2 minutes of the exam Dr Cooley knew what the other surgeon had done wrong. He performed an additional surgery and I’m almost completely healed!
    Scott Heninger
  • Very happy with Dr. Metcalf. He did an excellent job on my shoulder and the post surgery care has been excellent. He was recommended to me as one of the best doctors to work on my shoulder and he did not disappoint. I would recommend him to anyone.
    Kent Brown
  • Surgery on my shoulder today. I was very impressed with Dr. Metcalf's quality of care, bedside manner and patient needs. Personality plus with NO sign of "Doctor ego"..You can't go wrong by choosing this doc to work on you. Here is a bonus I have NEVER experienced. He personally call my wife while I was in recovery. to inform her, in detail how things went. Trust factor 5-stars. Same for the "Tosh" nursing staff. Over the top helpful with my needs.
    Dirk Pitt
  • De Metcalf took plenty of time with me, listened to my needs and opinions and provided excellent treatment.
    Cory King
  • Dr. Metcalf has repaired my shoulder twice. I believe he is the best there is for shoulders. He is highly skilled as my rotator tears have been large and especially my last tear was tricky to fix. He was upfront with me. He spent the time with me and answered my questions and concerns. I had to see him monthly for six months and at my year mark. His bedside manner is good. He was patient with me and he was also stern with me in a good way as I wanted to be progressed faster than he was doing. His sternness was what I needed to understand my precarious situation. His PA Woody, is amazing as well. He was available to talk with me on the phone, these two are a great pair. I was well taken care of and two years out and doing great! You can’t go wrong with Dr. Metcalf!
    Marci Owen
  • He did surgery on my right shoulder. He removed a bone spur that was causing me problems. I was back to work faster than I expected.
    Joyce Hair
  • I"ve had shoulder surgery by Dr. Metcalf. The surgery was well over 8 years ago. I'm at 99% movement and no pain, no lasting pain, etc. He is wonderful!
    Tiffany Manwaring
  • Dr. Metcalf is a really nice guy who is to the point and professional. He’s extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you have. I really enjoy him and am grateful I put my shoulder surgery in his hands.
    Zane Delucia
  • Dr. Metcalf is not arrogant nor does he act like he is a God. He knows his stuff, treats his patients with care and respect. I have never felt rushed or ignored. He is not a big talker but if I asked he will answer. Sorry those few had a bad experience. Listen to the rest of them he is a Great shoulder Doctor!
    Sharon Loveless

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