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  • Great doctor / surgeon. Very compassionate, understanding, answers all questions, never makes me feel rushed or insignificant. Professional, but never aloof. Very concerned about making sure what he tells you is clear and understood. As on time / schedule as he can possibly be. Nice sense of humor..
    Carla Wilcox
  • I have gone to Dr. Baucom three times over many years for terrible tennis elbow (it’s not really from tennis). I also sent my husband to him for a broken hand. He is so kind and cares. I also appreciate that his treatment is conservative and his first line in non-surgical. He is realistic and understands what is practical and feasible for different life and athletic situations! Highly recommend.
  • Dr Baucom was great! Friendly and respectful the whole way through, explained the procedure (scaphoid surgery) in a clear and interesting manner. Was also considerate of my financial situation prior to surgery and presented safe alternatives to operating immediately. 5 stars.
    Parker Jones
  • Dr Baucom is a wonderful doctor. Very "down to earth" and friendly. Explains everything in detail and makes sure you understand. Never in a rush.
    Diane Shelley
  • Dr Baucom is amazing, he listened to my concerns and answered all my questions on my first visit and on my follow up visits, I never felt rushed when I was in the office for a visit.
  • Dr. Baucom was so friendly and helpful. He didn't make us feel rushed and answered all of our questions thoroughly. He was great about helping us with our special situation and was very easy-going. He went over different options and gave his opinion about a less expensive course of treatment but still just as good, and it was refreshing. He explained things well, was patient, and I would recommend him to anyone!
  • Very knowlegable and personable hand surgeon. He never seemed rushed and took time to answer all questions and explain everything. Skillful and thorough. Kind and thoughtful.
  • I had a small break in my pinky finger. Dr. Baucom and his entire staff were friendly, highly competent, and professional.
  • Dr. Baucom and his staff are great! My options were explained to me in detail. Surgery outcome is awesome.
  • I was pleased with his expertise and the time he took to explain my condition to me.
    Bonnie G
  • Dr. Baucom was a good listener and thorough about explaining the issues with my hand and the options available for treatment.
  • Dr Gowski and his team are very professional and extremely personably instantly putting you at ease. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
    Charlene McGrew
  • I had an endoscopic surgery for carpal tunnel. Dr. G, his whole staff, and the staff at TOSH were amazing. Very knowledgeable and friendly
    London E Boyland
  • This is the second procedure Dr. Gowski did for me. I am very happy with the results. Dr. And staff are all extremely professional, very kind and organized.
    Carla H.
  • I thought Dr. Gowski and his staff; Zach, Preston and Kenzie were "top notch". I went in for a hurt wrist that I had for several months. They immediately knew what it was and quickly gave me 2 options for treatment. Cortisone shot or minor surgery. I had the surgery. Quick procedure, and everything is great. Very knowledgable, great bedside manner. I highly recommend them.
    Debra Norton
  • Excellent care from Dr. Gowski. Super professional, very good communicator, superior staff. 6 stars if possible!
  • Surgery went very well. Dr Gowski and his staff were attentive and made sure I knew what to expect. They sent me home with clear and complete instructions
    Penny Mills
  • Dr Gowski did an excellent job repairing my hand and restoring it dexterity. Very professional and knowledgeable.
  • This is the 2nd procedure Dr Gowski has done for trigger finger. He did a great job! He's a very professional and friendly surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • I have seen Dr. Gowski and his staff for a couple of procedures on my wrist. Most recently, I had an endoscopic carpal tunnel release done. Dr. Gowski (and his staff) are skilled, professional and pleasant to work with. I highly reccommend Dr. Gowski and his staff.
    Roanne Mayer
  • I had a car accident which damaged my ankle pretty bad. The surgeon who did my external fixation recommended me to Dr. Van Boerum who operated on my broken ankle successfully. Dr. Van Boerum is an excellent surgeon.
    Miriam C.
  • I found Dr Van Boreum to be a very good surgeon an did a great job with me he just doesn't smile a lot but hes good
    kathy casparian
  • I completely love Dr Van Boerum. Due to COVID-19 restrictions my surgery was canceled at the last minute due to my body type. Van Boerum got on the phone and called everyone he could think of to get my surgery done. The end result we were only delayed 24 hours and had to do it in a different surgical center with no complications.
    Jen G
  • Dr Widmer (a very skilled surgeon) and his staff are friendly and professional. They were upfront and very informative about options for treatment. The surgical clinic was incredibly helpful and respectful keeping me informed of my procedure the entire time.
    Steve Fedderson
  • Great Doctor! Was very impressed with Dr. Widmer. My husband was a complicated case. Dr. Widmer was up front and honest with us. We appreciated that he cared more about my husbands health than the the money he could have made from operating on a bad shoulder where the recovery would be too much for a man of his age with other medical conditions.
  • Excellent knowledge and wisdom. Skilled in communicating with the patient to allow effective choices. Friendly, warm demeanor encourages confidence and trust. An outstanding doctor who clearly rates a ten out of ten. I will go back for his help and skill whenever I need it.
  • Dr. Widmer did a great job with my surgical procedure. Explained everything very well pre op and post op. I would highly recommend him and TOSH
  • He and his assistant treated me with kindness and respect and explained everything that would happen with my procedure.
  • At every step from diagnosis to followup after surgery, Dr. Widmer takes the time to educate the patient about what is happening. I am excited about the MD-therapist teamwork and the written materials I was given.
  • Dr Cooley is awesome--professional, yet personable. Offered good advice, did a great job on my knee, and really liked the entire staff. I highly recommend him!
  • Dr. Cooley is very professional and personable. I have had 3 surgeries on my knee and I wouldn't want anyone else to perform them but him. He is easy to talk with and has a attitude that he wants to do what's best for you. Totally trust his judgment and his skills! Recommend him to everyone who needs help with their knees.
  • He is simply amazing. My knee is better than ever. I should have done the surgery sooner instead of waiting all summer. I couldn't be happier! His staff is terrific as well. The entire procedure was made as comfortable for me as possible from my first visit all the way through.
  • Dr. Dunn is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what is happening and options for medical care. His relaxed caring personality helps me feel less anxious about my care.
  • Gave me some good advice and pointed me in the right direction for PT. Dr. Dunn is very friendly and also very approachable. Feels like he genuinely wants to help with my issues.
    J. Nuss
  • Dr Dunn has the best bedside manner of any doctor I’ve ever seen. He is engaged and knowledgeable—but he listens and is willing to learn more — and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone.
    Mike Henriksen
  • Dr Dunn is always cordial, thorough and never rushed. He makes you feel like he genuinely cares about your circumstance and listens well, seeking to answer your questions and give appropriate and reliable professional direction. I highly recommend him. He is a true “care” giver!
    Lance willingham
  • Dr. Dunn is attentive to my story (reason for the visit), and has always given me the full spectrum of treatment options. He then recommends a treatment that is on the conservative end of the options. Highly recommend!
    A Street
  • Showed sincere concern for my hip pain. I highly recommend Dr. Dunn.
    Ron Grossarth
  • Dr. Dunn and his PA were personable, kind and genuine in their care. There was no long wait and my questions were answered.
  • Great doctor, explained things very clearly, has a very caring nature, really cares about his patients.
    Doug Orr
  • Dr. Dunn was very patient and kind. A very good bedside manner. He eased my nervousness about getting cortisone shots. He was awesome!
    Kirsten Co
  • Dr. Dunn is always very effocoent and thorough. He makes you feel at ease and always performs at a high level.
    Ann Harris
  • First class Dr. Easy to talk with. Explained everything to you. His staff are also excellent to work with.
  • Absolutely the BEST! I had a total knee replacement 2 months ago. Dr Ferney spent much time with me, evaluating, answering every question & concern, making sure I was comfortable & confident. He was exceptionally highly recommended by the most credible sources! His work is immaculate & meticulous. He is sensitive, kind & caring! I can not say enough good about him & his work! I am back to my very busy active life ! I am grateful every day for this incredible Dr. The BEST of the BEST!!!
    Robin Harmon
  • Dr Ferney is the most meticulous and thorough surgeon I have ever worked with. He takes his time and does excellent work! My very small scar was the envy of the rehab center I went to.... and my recovery time was nothing short of miraculous! Much better than expected and if it is possible to “look forward” to a knee surgery, I know I will be in good hands with him for my other knee!
    Linda Spearing
  • Dr. Ferney is an excellent doctor, and one that I would recommend to my family and friends. He is knowledgeable and meticulous-- I felt safe knowing I was under his care. He spent as much time as was needed to answer my questions and concerns.
  • Dr. Brandon Ferney replaced my left hip August of 2016. I received excellent care and attention before and after the operation. I recommend him and the support personnel at TOSH and IMC. I am completely satisfied with the results of the operation. I will need replacement of my right hip sometime in the future and I will request that it be done by Dr. Ferney.
    David L
  • I had a hip replacement and he took extra care to make sure everything was done correctly. I had an excellent outcome. I will go back to him again.
  • Dr. Ferney did two different hip replacements on me. He was very thorough in ensuring that my leg lengths remained even. He was always willing to spend time with me answering questions. Most importantly, the surgeries were very successful and I no longer have pain.
    Mark VanOrden
  • This is an excellent surgeon . Has done two complete hip replacements,with excellent results.
  • Dr. Metcalf was friendly and personable. I got the sense from him that he is very confident in what he does. He discussed with me the options for my shoulder and together we decided on a plan. In the end I chose surgery. Dr. Metcalf told me the results I could expect and those results are exactly what I got. Recovery from shoulder surgery is not easy. But, if you follow his after care recovery plan, put in the work at physical therapy, and go into it with realistic expectations, you too will have a good result. I will eventually need my other shoulder repaired and I will go back to him for that.
  • I am very happy with the repairs Dr. Metcalf made to both of my shoulders. The proof is in the end result and I am healing and recovering my strength and flexibility in the time he told me it would take.
    Bryan Krotz
  • Outstanding in every aspect of his profession. His team is attentive and highly professional at all times. I highly recommend Dr. Metcalf and his team. Well done!
    David Jordan
  • They just don't come any better than Dr. Metcalf. I have been a patient for many years. He did both of my rotator cuffs and I did very well. He is such a kind, caring Dr. and I was so fortunate he was able to see me. Because he is so good, so competent and so professional he's a busy doctor and difficult to get an appointment.
    Peggy Long
  • I was experiencing a lot of constant shoulder pain. After having both shoulders replaced by Dr. Metcalf I am totally pain free and my golf game is back. Can't say enough about Dr. Metcalf's ability and would recommend him to anyone with shoulder problems. I am from California and am so happy I found Tosh and Dr. metcalf.
    Gary Harrison
  • Dr. Metcalf fixed my torn biceps tendon last spring. I am so happy with the results! I have great range of motion and my shoulder has never been stronger. He was professional and kind. I highly recommend him and have heard from many others that he's the best in town!
  • Dr. Metcalf is an extraordinary shoulder surgeon. He is confident, focused, meticulous, caring and encouraging. His vast knowledge and experience with shoulders equips him to make decisions in the best interest of the patient. After he performed a complicated reverse total shoulder replacement on me, the pain free range of motion and strength I've recovered is remarkable. His long time, competent, knowledgeable, and eager to help assistant, Woody Pearmain, sweetens the deal.
  • Dr. N. Momberger took my complicated situation when others would not. My knee REVISION was difficult and he was willing and results are amazing. His experience, knowledge and expertise are superior. This was my third complete knee surgery. I am doing activities I have not done in years. His training and expertise contributes to his high success . I highly recommend to any who are suffering with pain.
  • Dr. Momberger is the best. If you are needing hip replacement surgery, he is one of the best. I have had both my hip's replaced by him requiring two different surgeries at different times. The second surgery, I was back to work in 2 weeks. He is wonderful to work with and so is his staff.
  • Start to finish handled seamlessly. Dr. Rasmussen and staff are always prompt and knowledgeable. Explain the process thoroughly. This is our second knee replacement with Dr. Rasmussen at TOSH and are comfortable with his surgery and the facility.
    Dianna R Lott
  • I love Dr. Rasmussen, his nurse, Holly and his PA, Jason. They are caring, professional and competent. Although there is nothing easy about orthopedic surgery, Dr. Rasmussen and his staff will make it as good as it can be.
    Eve O’Neill
  • Thorough, concise and answered every question. Dr Rassmussen will be my surgeon
  • EXCELLENT!! DOCTOR and Holly and other staff members have been more like family, for iver 20 years and have helped me get thru some difficult times..great doctor..i would recomened him to anyone
    Myke Yano
  • Dr. Rasmussen is thorough and detailed in his explanations. I did not feel rushed in any manner and all of my questions were clearly answered. His expertise is obvious.
    Keith F
  • Dr. Rasmussen was terrific. He was totally focused on my situation and explained what should be done for me. I appreciated his description on how he does knee surgery and will definitely have him do it when it is necessary.
  • Very professional and thorough in his explanation of the procedure he suggested for my condition.
  • Dr. Rasmussen was very thorough in explaining how he would perform my knee surgery. He took his time and answered questions. I would and have recommended him to others.
    Judith Woods
  • Prompt, friendly, and articulate. His staff was also friendly and competent.
    Kathleen Cottam
  • Dr. Trawick and all of his staff are very courteous and friendly. I have had multiple surgeries and with all of them I have had the best care.
    Nola Brinkerhoff
  • The staff is always dwindle and courteous. I only had about a 5 minute wait time to see the Dr. and Dr Trawick always answers questions completely and thoroughly. He is not a “cut first” dr.
    Bob Kilpack
  • Excellent doctor and surgeon.
    Chantal Thompson
  • Dr Trawick and his team work together beautifully. Dr Trawick has been my Dr for many years. I have referred many of my friends to his office. He is honest, direct, gets to the bottom of the problem, finds a solution that he hopes will work before suggesting surgery. If only he did ankles he would be fixing mine as well. He treats you with respect. That is why he gets mine. I just adore Dr Trawick and all his team. You want a surgeon who will get the job done right. Give his office a call.
  • Total knee recently. Dr Trawick does many and I would recommend him. Clear explanation, surgery went well and he is a nice positive guy.
    Janet Quinn
  • Dr. Trawick is not only a skilled surgeon, he also inspires confidence with his reassurance, sense of humor and encouragement. I would recommend him to anyone contemplating knee surgery. It has made it possible to wear heels once again. Awesome!
    Joan Ashton
  • Love Dr. Traywick! He has done 3 surgery's on my over the last 10 years and is spot on top notch in ALL areas!! I HIGHLY recommend his services if you want the very best!!
    Michael PT Leary
  • I had a great experience with Dr. Trawick. He was friendly and explained everything that he thought was going to happen. And after surgery, he explained what actually did happen!
  • Dr. Trawick replaced both my knees, about a year apart. I am doing great. The second one was done just 6 months ago. I am doing everything I want, even a little hiking. I found my experience to be excellent from the hospital and office through PT at TOSH. I recommend Dr. Trawick as a top notch doctor.
  • Great experience with all of the staff and Doctor Trawick!
    Kim Ihler
  • Amazing surgeon. Explains everything you go through in detail. Great bedside manner. You can tell he cares about his patients..
    Wendy Nichols

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